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My svn cheat sheet! See my git cheat sheet

command description
svn co <path> checks out a copy of the project
svn up retrieves the latest version of the project
svn ci commits any changes
svn pe property edit... see below for examples
svn pe svn:ignore . add items to the ignore list
svn revert [file] revert file(s)
svn log ^/ list the full revision history for this repository
svn merge -r HEAD:<revision> [file] reset a file to the state it was in at <revision>


SVN+SSH using a specific identity

export SVN_SSH="ssh -i /home/attie/.ssh/custom.id_rsa"

Get Full History of a File

Credit: bendin on

function history_of_file() {
    url=$1 # current url of file
    svn log -q $url | grep -E -e "^r[[:digit:]]+" -o | cut -c2- | sort -n | {
#       first revision as full text
        read r
        svn log -r$r $url@HEAD
        svn cat -r$r $url@HEAD
#       remaining revisions as differences to previous revision
        while read r
            svn log -r$r $url@HEAD
            svn diff -c$r $url@HEAD

Extracting a Sub-Tree

Extract an SVN subtree - Import into Git
This section will show you how to extract a sub-tree from one repository, and make it the base of a new repository.

  • First, extract everything in the repository (do not strip the revisions)
  • Filter the path you wish to keep
  • At this point, you must remove the Node-path: support/doc directory add item, which will become the root
  • Change the path to the base
  • Create a fresh repository
  • Load the filtered & relocated dump into the new repository
svnadmin dump ./firstRepo > extracted
cat extracted | svndumpfilter include --drop-empty-revs --renumber-revs $EXTRACT_PATH > filtered
cat filtered | awk "BEGIN{p=1}{
                 if (p == 1) {
                    if (\$0 == \"Node-path: $EXTRACT_PATH\") p = 0;
                    if (p == 1) print \$0
                 } else {
                   if (\$0 == \"PROPS-END\") p = 1
                 }}" > filtered2
cat filtered2 | sed -re "s#^(Node(-copyfrom)?-path): $EXTRACT_PATH#\\1: #" > relocated
svnadmin create ./freshRepo
cat relocated | svnadmin load --ignore-uuid ./freshRepo

Dump a remote repository

svnadmin create localrepo
cat << EOF > localrepo/hooks/pre-revprop-change
exit 0
chmod +x localrepo/hooks/pre-revprop-change
svnsync init --username $USERNAME file://`pwd`/localrepo $REMOTE_REPO
svnsync sync --username $USERNAME file://`pwd`/localrepo
svnadmin dump ./localrepo | gzip > dump.gz

Load a dump into a new repository

svnadmin create repo
cat dump.gz | gzip -d | svnadmin load ./repo
# optionally check it out to ensure the repo is good
svn co file://`pwd`/repo ./checkout
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