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Useful GDB commands...

Command Description
bt or backtrace show a backtrace from the current location
frame <frameno> move to a different stack frame
- -
info threads list of running threads
thread <threadno> switch to a different thread
- -
info breakpoints list of breakpoints
break <file>:<lineno> set a breakpoint
step step into the current line
next step over the current line
fin step out
cont continue execution
del <number> delete a breakpoint (or multiple with <number> <number>)
- -
x/x <address> examine memory
x/x <variable> dump variable contents
x/128xb <variable> dump variable contents, 128 bytes (b byte / h halfword / w word / g giant, 8-bytes )
x/s <variable> dump variable contents, as a nul-terminated string
x/32i <variable> dump variable contents, as 32 machine instructions
- -
generate-core-file it's a secret...
thread apply all bt print a bt for all active threads
- -
set logging file <filename> log GDB's output to filename
set logging on enable logging
set logging off disable logging
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